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Monthly archive for October 2008

Haunted Hudson River

I heard a faint whistling outside. I look out the window through the blinds but didn’t see anything. Just the wind, I thought. The faint whistle continued intermittently. Then, I heard it loud and clear. A distinct whistle. Definitely not the wind. I put on my jacket

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Snow on mountaintops

It may be autumn here in the valley, but it’s looking like winter on the peaks. From the kitchen window, I can see Kaaterskill High Peak and Overlook Mountain covered in snow.

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Trail conditions: detritus

North winds combined with high tides washed floating plant debris and driftwood onto portions of the trail. Watch your step!

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Autumn at its prime

The maple tree at the lighthouse dock, my indicator of the progress of autumn leaf color, is bright red. The air is crisp. Overnight temperatures are dipping into the 30s.

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Trail conditions: wet

We are currently experiencing some of the highest tides of the year, occurring in the afternoon for the next few days. Please consult tide tables when planning your trip to the lighthouse. After tidewater recedes, portions of the trail may have puddles of water or detritus. Footwear

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Kite-surfing spider

While kayaking on the lower Esopus Creek, I noticed a tiny creature skating across the surface of the water. At first, I thought it was a water bug. As it passed in front of my kayak, I saw that it was in fact a “kite surfing” spider.

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