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Keepers Log

The Widow Lighthouse Keeper

Little was known about her until recently. The official lighthouse keeper register omits her first name, listing her simply as “Mrs. Schoonmaker.” Read more at Saugerties Times.

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Lighthouse Christmas Song

Retired river-pilot Frank Wall was inspired by the sight of the Saugerties Lighthouse on a wintery night and wrote this song. He kindly shared this with us in time for the holidays. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Lighthouse & Deck Closed for Event Today

Today, Tuesday, October 18th, the Lighthouse and riverside deck will be closed all day for a private event. Please respect the privacy of our guests. The outdoor areas will reopen to the public tomorrow at sunrise.

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All About Knots

Lighthouse keeping inevitably involves seamanship skills, knot-tying among them. Knot-tying is an indispensable skill not only for sailors and lighthouse keepers but also for numerous other occupations. There’s a satisfaction in tying the specific knot best suited for a particular task. Even so, most people can get

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The View from the Long Bridge

The walk to the lighthouse offers glimpses of creatures at home in the freshwater tidal marsh. During this time of year the marsh is in transition with bursts of spring activity. Get the whole story at Saugerties Times.

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Ominous Ice

Until the river freezes in earnest and the ice holds fast to the shore, it is apt to plow into things while floes continue to drift with the tidal currents. Likewise, during the break up in the spring, the moving ice can leave destruction in its wake.

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Blame it on the tides

The Saugerties Lighthouse keepers, like sailors and fishermen, live by the tides. The ups and downs of the tide are a daily reminder that we live on an estuary — an “arm of the sea.” Get the whole story at Saugerties Times.

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Yuck Finn: repair or replace?

Last month, we confronted a dilemma. The wooden utility barge used for ferrying supplies to the Lighthouse was in critical condition. Do we repair it, or buy another boat to replace it? Get the whole story at Saugerties Times.

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Lighthouse Unplugged

The lighthouse occupants renewed their appreciation for print media last month after the dredging operation knocked out the underwater telephone line, cutting off phone and Internet for several weeks. Read more at Saugerties Times.

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Saugerties Harbor: Past and Present

Serving as a small harbor, the mouth of the Esopus Creek forms a natural navigation channel sheltered by a sedimentary delta. These natural features of the waterfront shaped the development of Saugerties, which in turn, reshaped the shoreline. Learn more at Saugerties Times.

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