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Lighthouse Sludge

When Patrick & Marlena walk to the lighthouse for an evening swim, they invariably bring a bottle of their home-made wine to enjoy a glass as the sun sets behind the Catskills. They are happy to share, so I’ve tasted more than a few glasses myself. Among

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At dusk on the trail: Eastern Screech Owl

While walking the trail at dusk, I heard the distinctive eerie trill of an Eastern Screech Owl from overhead. I looked up and scanned the tree canopy, hoping to catch a glimpse of the tiny owl in the twilight. Standing still for a minute or two, eventually

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Tug John H. Malik

This morning, I heard music on the breeze.  Faint as it was, I looked around for source.  The only thing in sight was a tug-&-barge.  The music grew louder as the tug approached.  Eventually, the music was recognizable as country music, though I didn’t know the tune.

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Racing the tide

The tide cycles in such a way that the lowest low tides for the month are associated with the highest high tides. With that in mind, I took advantage of the low tides at the full moon in order to make repairs near the waterline around the

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Harvest-moon trivia-night kayak paddle

Mara called to remind me that tonight was trivia night at the Black Swan Pub in Tivoli, NY. She was part of the winning trivia team last week. Not wanting to miss out, I paddled my kayak across the river by the light of the full moon

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Fall migration

Last week, a monarch butterfly alighted on the beach north of the lighthouse, resting on its long journey south, drinking the moisture from the damp sand.  The autumn migration of the monarch butterflies coincides with the “red maple leaf” migration: dozens of sailboats flying the Canadian flag

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This morning I had breakfast at the lighthouse with my downstream neighbors Kate & Dock. Yesterday at dusk, they sailed up from their riverside home in Glasco and anchored overnight in the shallows north of the lighthouse. They were trying out their new/old tri-hulled sailboat and enjoying

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Questions for the Keeper: tides

While I mixed up the pancake batter this morning, a house guests seated at the kitchen table peppered me with questions about the tides. In answer to one of his questions and to illustrate the difficulties of predicting tides, I started to tell the story from awhile

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Improptu mini triathlon

I woke up before dawn and remembered that I was out of orange juice. I totally forgot to buy more when I was at the store yesterday afternoon. I looked at the clock. I didn’t have much time until I needed to start cooking breakfast. I put

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Walking home from town…

I heard an Eastern Screech Owl while walking home from town tonight.  Nearing the bottom of the hill on Lighthouse Drive, I heard its distinctive long, drawn-out trill.

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