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Butternut Tree

On the island adjacent to the lighthouse grows a small butternut tree. A type of walnut tree, it produces an oblong-shaped nut in the fall. This tree is a protected species. Butternut trees (Juglans cinerea) are becoming rare due to a fungus blight. These trees are listed

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I saw the first batch of mallard ducklings on the creek–a half dozen fluff balls paddling around their mother.

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Wanted: Volunteer Tour Guides

Spend a summer afternoon at the lighthouse! The Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy is seeking volunteers who are willing to contribute a few afternoons this summer to guide tours through the inside of the lighthouse.  Tours are offered Saturday & Sunday afternoon, 12 noon to 3 PM, throughout the

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Rain, thankfully

The lighthouse still relies on a rainwater cistern for water supply. The rain rolls off the slate roof, runs along the wide gutters, pours through the downspouts, and collects in the cistern. The cistern can hold over 5,000 gallons of water and has never run out, as

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Trail conditions: puddles

Due to recent rains, puddles of standing water may be encountered along portions of the trail. Also, some spots may be muddy.

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Trail conditions: full moon tides

Due to tides, some woody debris may be encountered along tidal portions of the trail.

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Yellow blossoms of marsh marigold appear

Last year, the marsh marigolds bloomed around May 1st.  This year, I noticed the yellow flowers along the boardwalk yesterday, April 19th.

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An osprey pair is once again using channel marker #93 as a perch.

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In the morning, I often see a gentleman from town who owns a used books store. The lighthouse trail comprises his daily walk before opening the store. He usually keeps company with his own thoughts, but this morning, he paused on the dock to ask me a

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Cormorants are flying upriver on their return migration.  They fly together in small flocks of about a dozen in a V-formation traveling low, often just above the surface of the water

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