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Keepers Log

Start of summer

Put in the screen door today. Feels like summer.

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Esopus Estuary

Description by U.S. Fish & Wildlife of Esopus Estuary: Esopus Estuary is located at the mouth of the Esopus Creek, a major tributary to the upper Hudson River estuary on the west side of the river in the town of Saugerties at river kilometer 162 (river mile

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This morning, I watched from the dock as an osprey (one member of a pair) glided over the jetty carrying sticks in its talons. Wings flapping, it hovered momentarily over channel marker #93 and dropped the sticks on top. With each addition, a haphazard pile of sticks

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Lighthouse Pancakes

Ruth Glunt, longtime neighbor to the Saugerties Lighthouse and local historian, described the “full larder” of lighthouse keepers on the Hudson River: Buckwheat and cornmeal flour, for ‘panny cakes’, were kept handy and maple syrup was cheaper in those days, but still a treat. Coffee was bought

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Message in a bottle

I found a glass bottle along the beach left behind by the tide. The mouth of the bottle was stopped up with a cork. Inside was a handwritten note on stationary. The note was a message of love from Maria to David. There was also phone number.

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Trail conditions: disheveled

Due to tidal surges and choppy waters last week, a section of boardwalk is slightly out of place. Also, woody debris is strewn along portions of the trail.

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Butternut Tree

On the island adjacent to the lighthouse grows a small butternut tree. A type of walnut tree, it produces an oblong-shaped nut in the fall. This tree is a protected species. Butternut trees (Juglans cinerea) are becoming rare due to a fungus blight. These trees are listed

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Osprey courtship

The courtship rituals of osprey are on display for lighthouse visitors as an osprey pair use channel marker #93 as a perch.

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I saw the first batch of mallard ducklings on the creek–a half dozen fluff balls paddling around their mother.

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Wanted: Volunteer Tour Guides

Spend a summer afternoon at the lighthouse! The Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy is seeking volunteers who are willing to contribute a few afternoons this summer to guide tours through the inside of the lighthouse.  Tours are offered Saturday & Sunday afternoon, 12 noon to 3 PM, throughout the

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