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Keepers Log

Ice terms

While checking out the Coast Guard’s daily ice report for the Hudson River, I encountered unfamiliar terminology. The ice report included descriptions of the type and form of ice such as brash, plate, & fast. I know what these words mean in normal parlance but can only

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Coast Guard Cutter Breaks Ice in Hudson River

The 65-foot Coast Guard ice breaking tug Line was underway for its daily icebreaking mission at dawn, passing by the lighthouse on its way out of the creek and into the river. Lately, the Bayonne, N.J.-based cutter Line is spending the night at the Saugerties station, tied

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Invisible man

Dock emailed me this photo from iceboating with the tag: “He lives!  Spotted on Orange Lake, the Invisible Man!” Andy, one of the other iceboaters, said, “You could rob a bank and get away with it.” As ridiculous as I looked, at least I was warm…sort of.

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Iceboating on Orange Lake

Impatient for ice on the Hudson River, I’d been hounding Dock for the past few days about going to go to Orange Lake where the water is already frozen thick enough for iceboating. Finally, this morning, he phoned to see if I wanted to go. Iceboating is

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Ice sounds

The thermometer indicated 16 degrees F at sunrise this morning. I stepped outside to fill the birdfeeder. The wake of a passing tug jostled the layer of ice on the water. Undulating with each wave, the ice made a thin, metallic sound. If you ever stood on

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The lighthouse through the camera lens

Everyday, visitors walk to the lighthouse and snap photos. Hundreds of these photos are posted at and can be viewed by typing saugerties lighthouse into the search box.  Many of the photos are outstanding and offer unique perspectives.

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Disturbing the peace

This evening, I rowed the boat up the creek to the sloop Clearwater for the monthly community potluck dinner. The water was tranquil and a gibbous moon shone overhead. The air was so still that Danny, one of the Clearwater crew members, said that he could hear

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Trail conditions: patches of ice

Ice forming in tidal areas.  Footwear with traction recommended. Use caution.

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Today, I found a small red plastic ball along the shoreline. Numerous balls float ashore (tennis balls, basketballs, footballs, soccerballs), but this one was of particular interest to me. Early in my tenure as lighthouse keeper, I found four plastic toy balls among the flotsam along the

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Trail conditions: flotsam

Recent high tides have littered the trail with flotsam. Driftwood, logs, & other natural debris may be encountered along the path.

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