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Keepers Log

Sun dog & halo

Yesterday evening prior to sunset, a brilliant sun dog appeared to the right of the sun. Refracted by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, the sunlight displayed a partial spectrum of color. This “mock sun” gave the appearance of a double sunset. This morning, a halo was

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More news coverage

The local weekly newspaper The Saugerties Times reported on the public outcry at Monday’s village board meeting: “A Civil Action”. Saugerties residents were in an uproar over the lawsuit filed by a village police officer against the Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy. For those just tuning in, the Editorial

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Several days ago, while walking along the trail to the lighthouse, I noticed an unusual waterfowl at the shoreline–a Brant. A Brant is a smaller cousin of the Canada Goose. This sighting was unusual not only because Brants are infrequent visitors to the Hudson Valley but also

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Correspondence from the past

Last week, Terry Shaw of Prineville, Oregon contacted me to say that he found an “interesting item” for the Saugerties Lighthouse. He found an old letter in a box of items inherited from his father. It is the letter of acceptance as Keeper of the Saugerties Light

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City slicker visits the lighthouse

My ol’ college-buddy Steve Smith, aka Tom Sawyer, paid me another visit. He was here in September for vacation, and now he’s back on business. He is a tavern keeper in St. Louis, Missouri, but now he’s going to start moonlighting as a political blogger for MTV’s

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The continuing story

The Daily Freeman reported on the public outcry raised at last night’s village board meeting: “Suit raises hackles in Saugerties.” There was a great turnout at last night’s meeting according to David Radovanovic, who frequently walks his dog to the lighthouse. He said, “Lot’s of insightful questions

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Saugerties Lighthouse in the local newspaper

Today’s Daily Freeman contains an article about the controversy brewing in the village of Saugerties over a lawsuit filed against the Lighthouse Conservancy: “Cop sues lighthouse group over injury.” I won’t be able to attend Monday’s village board meeting, but no doubt, many other people will go.

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Winter quarters

The sloop Clearwater is moored for the winter in the Esopus Creek about a mile from the lighthouse. An old nineteenth-century brick warehouse on the waterfront serves as the workshop for the sloop’s maintenance. Yesterday, I dropped by to say hello to the winter crew. Danny is

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What rhymes with 2008?

On the eve of the New Year, I closed the lighthouse and went to the village to attend a friend’s house party. The house is older than the lighthouse, dating to the 1850s. I remarked to Tina, the homeowner, that the antique red wallpaper made the house

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Question for a river pilot: navigation

Last night marked the solstice, the longest night of the year. People gathered at the lighthouse, and we built a fire in a chimenea outside on the deck. Hot soup, mulled wine, spicy hot chocolate.  Today, while outside tidying up from last night’s party, a tugboat sounded

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