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Keepers Log

Harmonious architecture

The Saugerties Lighthouse is one of the few intact examples of a lighthouse design that was once common in the region, fashioned from the particulars of a locality. Read more at Saugerties Times.

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Hudson River water temperature

In springtime, fisherman are concerned about water temperature in the Hudson River. When the the water temperature in the Tappan Zee reaches 50 degrees, migrating striped bass transition from brackish to freshwater and continue their journey upriver where eager fisherman await them with bait and lures. An

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Ice, ice, everywhere

An aerial view taken from the Coast Guard ice reconnaissance plane shows the Lighthouse surrounded by ice. The coves are locked in with solid ice sheets, and a narrow channel cut by the Coast Guard ice-breakers bends past the Lighthouse. We haven’t seen this much ice on

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Dragonflies emerging

On these hot summer days, I get a strong impulse to turn into an aquatic mammal and spend the bulk of my waking hours in the water. While indulging this urge with a refreshing swim in the Hudson River, I noticed a creature with an instinctual compulsion

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Snapping turtle nest

On the evening of the summer solstice, we encountered a snapping turtle along the trail. We gave the turtle a wide berth as we passed and continued on our way, assuming the turtle would continue on her way too. Later, we received a phone call from our

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Sunken barge update: a big bite

After days of a metallic banging and clanging, the demolition crane was relatively silent yesterday. The crane barge Newark Bay took a time out from barge busting to do some scrap hauling. It was joined by another larger crane barge the Columbia, which lifted the stern portion

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Sunken barge update: bits and pieces

After the remaining contents of the sunken barge were emptied onto another barge using a clamshell crane, the recovery of the sunken barge entered a new phase last week. Apparently, the attempt to patch it was unsuccessful or more gaping holes were discovered below the waterline. Our

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Springtime natural happenings

The wintering mergansers have departed for northern climes while cormorants have arrived to fill the diving bird niche. The resident pair of eagles alternate between their nest on the other side of the river and their favorite fishing perch on this side. Striped bass are starting to

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Open Water

A week ago Sunday, ice floes still drifted in the river, but a few dedicated kayakers ventured out and paddled down from Malden. On Monday, full moon tides lifted the remaining piles of ice from the shoreline and carried them away with the ebb. By Wednesday morning,

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Freshets & Ice Gorges

Recent storm surges raised the question of when the Lighthouse last saw flood levels anywhere near these heights. In addition to storm surges, floods in the Hudson are often due to freshets. A freshet is the sudden increase in river levels caused by melting snow and ice,

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