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Keepers Log

Flood weary

The river at flood-stage is a mighty force to behold. Wind-driven waves combined with high water have reeked havoc all week. After five consecutive nights and days of flood-stage high-tides, I am feeling worn down from contending with the aftermath of the flood. Damage to both deck

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Call of the loon

Needing a break from flood clean-up, I went to town for the evening. I returned in the dark. The wind, which had been blowing none stop for days out of the north, had finally stopped. The water was becalmed.  In the stillness, I could distinctly hear the

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Trail work at night

I couldn’t fall back asleep after my brief vigil last night, so I decided to make the most of the wee hours. I put on chest waders over my pajamas and ventured onto the flooded trail. As I waded through thigh deep water, windblown waves broke against

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Keeping vigil

I set my alarm for 1:00 AM. High tide is at 2:07 AM. The Esopus Creek is expected to crest later tonight. When I woke to my alarm and took a look around, I was surprised to see the floodwaters within 6 inches of topping the granite

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It snowed!

A wet dusting of snow on the ground overnight.

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Clearwater shake-down

The sloop Clearwater set sail on the river today to train the new crew. When they motored down the creek, I was busy hauling laundry and supplies from the parking lot to the barge Yuck Finn at Boone’s dock, so I missed them on their way out.

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Portable Toilet

This morning, I had an appointment to get the portable toilet serviced. That means waiting for hide tide to slide the porta-potty from the dock onto the barge, motoring up the creek to the Coast Guard station, and meeting a pump truck to empty the toilet holding

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Winter Lingers

The first green plants are starting to poke up from the ground. Yet, the temperature continues to dip below freezing at night, and flurries frequent the weather forecast.

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Hickory, dickory, dock

Today was time to bring the dock and barge back from the “mythical” south cove.  The floating dock and Yuck Finn barge spend the winter in the cove protected from the river ice.  Retrieving the dock and barge requires coordinating with the tides, timing the operation with

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Pied-billed Grebe

On a calm and overcast morning, the only stirrings on otherwise unruffled waters of the creek was a solitary Pied-billed Grebe, diving along the bulkhead.

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