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Keepers Log

Ice Voices at the lighthouse

Regional poet and essayist Will Nixon shared his recollections of winter poetry readings at the lighthouse including some icy observations from the resident lighthouse keeper. As the Hudson River rapidly thaws and resumes its liquid state, it is timely to reflect on the departing season of “hard

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Duck blinds on the move

As overnight temperatures dip into the teens and daytime temperatures barely rise above freezing, ice is forming in the quiet coves and bays along the river. Until recently, many of these coves and bays were home to duck blinds, which are framed with scrap lumber and camouflaged

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Rising waters

When the lighthouse was originally built, it was an island at the edge of the navigation channel and isolated from the mainland. In 1888, bulkheads were constructed along the creek, which established a low-tide connection between the lighthouse and the shoreline. Subsequently, dredging spoils were deposited behind

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Migrations and stockpiling

In nature, there are two broad strategies for coping with winter scarcity: seek warmer climate or stock up on supplies. Yesterday, marked the autumnal equinox. I motored the supply barge up the creek to load five barrels of kerosene. On the way, I counted two monarch butterflies

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Tugboat Roundup

On their way to the Waterford Tugboat Roundout, the Tug Cornell and the Steam Launch Hestia passed by the lighthouse. The Hestia paused on its way upriver to drop off some passengers at the lighthouse dock. The steamboat operator tooted the whistle when arriving and departing, to

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Between the Thunderstorms

The annual Between the Tides Music Festival at the lighthouse was renamed the “Between the Thunderstorms” party on account of the rain. After 15 years of sunny weather during the annual festival, the lucky streak was broken and the rain poured down on the event. The diehards

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Question for the keeper: what's that?

The tug Glen Cove pushed a barge downriver carrying two massive A-frame structures of corrugated sheet metal. A peek through the binoculars revealed that the A-frames housed four large cylindrical mechanisms. My guess: cooling towers. A quick Google Search took me to the tugster blog for the

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Lighthouse at Willis Avenue

For a fleeting moment, the lighthouse was on Willis Avenue. Then, the avenue kept on moving down the river. The replacement for the Willis Avenue Bridge is on it’s way to the Harlem River today. The massive steel structure was built at Coeymans, NY. Now, three tugs

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Ice Sailing on Tivoli Bay

A contingent of ice boaters enjoyed stiff breezes and sunshine on Sunday afternoon. A half-dozen antique “stern-steerer” ice boats graced the solid ice on South Tivoli Bay. Many of the ice boats are over 100 years old. Dock Shuter (aka Captain Dangerous) loaned me Floater, so I

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The word for the day is “shuga”: spongy white ice lumps formed in churning water. A return to freezing temperatures and a wave-churning north wind combined to form shuga, which covered the shore this morning like acres of snow cones.

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