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Keepers Log

Winter flood

A rainstorm quickly brought the Esopus Creek to flood-stage. The frozen ground could not soak up the rain, so it swelled the creeks. The weather system also brought a storm surge up the Hudson River. Flood water + storm surge = stranded at the lighthouse. The water

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New ice

Overnight temperatures in the single digits. A sheen of new ice coated the navigation channel. The first barge of the day pushed through the thin layer, breaking and churning ice under its bow as it went. I heard the barge as it approached, crunching through the ice.

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Ice Season

Around 7:30 AM, the Coast Guard cutter Wire got underway for daily ice breaking operations. The Wire is a 65-foot, 500-horsepower ice breaking tug that is capable of breaking through 18-inch thick ice. This section of river is mostly drifting brash ice, which are chunks of broken

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Coast Guard Icebreaking Tug

This 140-foot Bay-class Cutter operates as an icebreaking tug. Today, it passed by the lighthouse while steaming down the Hudson River, breaking up ice in the commercial navigation channel. Coast Guard ice-breaking operations are vital for keeping the river channel open for fuel barges delivering heating oil

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New Year's midnight log entry

It is customary in the maritime services (Coast Guard and Navy) to write a rhyming entry in the logbook for midnight on New Year’s Eve instead of the usual matter-of-fact prose account. In that tradition, I offer this verse: The tide table tells me what this cloudy

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Question for the Keeper: outer island

The Fischer Family from North Carolina wrote to inquire about the outer island adjacent to the lighthouse. We’re wondering if you might share some information about who helped create this magical space: who created the island, who planned the deck (with the backs of the side benches hinged to

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Dam builders

This morning, my cross-river neighbor Tim mentioned that he recently noticed a beaver swimming along the shore at the Tivoli Landing. Probably the same beaver I saw one evening while kayaking home from Tivoli last week. I wonder where its lodge is located. Beavers are known for

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Water temperature

Water temperature reading: 78 degrees F. In recent days, the water temperature climbed above 75 degrees for the first time this summer.

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Question for the Keeper: meteor shower radiant

Last week’s Perseid meteor shower prompted the following question: Why do meteor showers appear to radiate from single point in the sky? Meteor shower particles are actually all traveling in parallel paths and at the same velocity, but they appear to an observer below to radiate away

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Star-gazing and lighthouse pollution

A lesson from lighthouses on light pollution: A hometown friend of mine asked me (jokingly) if I ever turn the beacon off for star-gazing. Well, of course not, for obvious reasons, especially obvious to commercial cargo vessels trying to navigate the narrow river channel at night. Even

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