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Trail Conditions

Trail conditions: !!!

Good is you are waterfowl looking for wetlands. Not so good if you want to get to the lighthouse. Flood water receded from the trail for a few hours this morning, just long enough to lash together boardwalks to keep them from floating away with the next

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Trail conditions: normal

The trail is mostly dry.

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Trail conditions: sloppy

Recent rains and high tides made a mess of the trail.  Puddles in a few places. Driftwood and plant debris deposited by the tide.

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Trail conditions: dry

Strong north winds overnight dried out the trail. One patch of snow remains on the trail near the lighthouse.

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Trail conditions: muddy

Melting snow, rain, and tide-water mixed with thawing ground equals mud, mud, mud. Wear your boots!

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Trail conditions: soupy

Daytime temperatures in the 40s turned the snow into a slushy sloppy soup. Waterproof boots recommended.

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Trail conditions: crusty snow

Last week’s snowfall is slowly melting on sunny days and refreezing on chilly nights. The snow along the trail is packed down by foot traffic.

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Trail conditions: slushy

As daytime temperatures reach the high 50s/low 60s this week, snow is melting along the trail, creating puddles and muddy spots. Boots recommended.

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