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Buzz in the air

Springtime is always a busy time of year for an amateur naturalist like myself. So many things happening in the natural world all at once, it’s hard to keep track of it all. Birds migrating. Animals appearing. Insects emerging. Plants popping up. The ice cleared from the

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River otter sighting

Yesterday morning, I spotted a river otter in the mouth of Esopus Creek at the dock at approximately 6:45 AM. At first the otter was beneath the corner of the dock and immediately submerged and swam away. It resurfaced approximately 50 feet away. It swam around in

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Report from Ice Station Glasco

Captain I.R. Dangerous brings a tale of a different sort of ice boating: As some of you may know, the chief bottle washer of Ice Station Glasco is also a bored member of the Saugerties Lighthouse, & holds the prestigious title Chairman of the Dock Committee. Some

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Trail conditions: snow, slush and ice

Due to recent snow and freezing rain, the trail may be slushy and icy in some area. A footpath has been cleared through the snow. Boots with traction recommended for hiking the trail.

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Trail conditions: packed snow

A layer of packed snow covers the length of the trail. Boots with traction recommended. Stay alert for icy patches in low-lying tidal areas.

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Cold winter night

The temperature is in the single digits and dropping. Severe wind chill expected overnight but just a breeze at the moment. The tide is ebbing, carrying ice floes swiftly past the lighthouse. Occasionally, I hear a commotion outside. It is the ice settling and cracking as the

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Trail conditions: packed snow and patches of ice

Icy patches in low-lying tidal areas. Packed snow over the length of the trail. Recommended footwear: boots with ice traction devices such as yak-traks. Severe windchill expected throughout the weekend. Dress appropriately, avoiding exposure of skin.

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Trail conditions: crusty snow and possible new snow

Crusty snow remains from previous snowfall. More snow expected overnight. Tidal portions may be icy due to tidal flooding. Full moon will bring at least a foot of water at high tide. Consult tide table for details. Boots with ice traction recommended. Use caution when hiking the

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New Year's Day 2009

Yesterday morning, while firing up the coalstove, I looked out the parlor windows and noticed mergansers swimming in the open water at the mouth of the creek, the first large flock of mergansers for the season. Ice lined the creek and coves, but open water remained in

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Trail conditions: icy

The tidal portions of the trail are icy. Boots with ice traction devices recommended. Use caution when hiking the trail.

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