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Clearwater returns

The sloop Clearwater returned to the creek on Friday after a few weeks in Staten Island, where it was hauled out for its annual inspection and hull repairs. Now, the crew will rig the sloop for spring sailing.

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otter spotter number 256

This morning, around 9:15 AM, a river otter was swimming in the mouth of the Esopus Creek. It’s swift and undulating motions were unmistakeable. After swimming at the surface for awhile, it dove underwater and reemerged near the dock. Last seen swimming along the bulkhead by the

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Trail conditions: raked clean

Each month the trail is spiffed up by a group of people performing community service. Yesterday, the “trailbirds” raked away the piles driftwood and detritus that washed ashore during floods earlier in the month. Spurred on by Conservancy board member Liza Walsh, they also picked up the

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Saugerties Daily

Virginia is a regular visitor to the lighthouse. When she walks the trail, she observes with the keen eye of a gardener and naturalist. Now, she shares her photographs and observations online at her new blog: Village Encounters. Personally, I am grateful for Virginia’s fresh perspective. I

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Stranded Shuga

Overnight freezing temperatures and churning wave action created spongy, clumpy shuga ice along the shoreline. A retreating tide left a mass of the shuga ice stranded on the shoal near the lighthouse, like a white remnant of winter.

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Question for the Keeper: Coffee Grinder

Question about coffee from North Carolina via email: I just got back from a trip to Seattle/Portland, and have decided I need a new manual [coffee] grinder. I remember you had a very nice one when I was in Saugerties this past summer. Any chance you could

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Trail conditions: cluttered

Recent floods washed driftwood and debris across the trail, boardwalks and dock. Plant material and other detritus are strewn about, piled up, and underfoot. Hiking boots recommended.

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River rats

Heavy rains. Flooding on Esopus Creek. Dock called me early on Saturday morning. He was up until 4 AM moving stuff in his yard out of reach of flood tide and moving driftwood and detritus out of his yard with the ebb tide.  He was surviving on

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Signs of spring

A snowstorm at the first of the month was followed a few days later by heavy rains. The storm runoff combined with snowmelt swelled the tributaries to the Hudson, including Esopus Creek. The sudden switch from winter to spring weather has been accompanied by other signs of

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Trail conditions: soggy

Due to recent rains and snowmelt, the trail is wet with puddles of standing water in places.  An extreme high tide today washed woody debris onto portions of the trail. Boots are recommended.

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