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A bit of river history

Today, I made my regular trip to Sauer farms for a few dozen eggs.  While waiting on the front porch as Mrs. Sauer helped another customer, I got into a conversation with Mr. Sauer. He told me about the time when he used to ride the ferry

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Sudden storm burst

The weather forecast called for scattered thundershowers, but no one seemed prepared for the storm that ensued this afternoon. Gale force winds. Lightning. Heavy downpour of rain. Hail. A few kayak paddlers and a hiker took refuge in the lighthouse and waited out the storm in the

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Nature channel

This morning, Bobby Dangerously and I motored up the creek with the barge to haul some lumber. Along the way, we noticed a Great Blue Heron perched on a tree branch at the shoreline. While we admired this stately and elegant bird, another creature appeared. Behind the

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Varnish party

What do ice boaters do in the summertime? Dream about frozen water and varnish their boats. Last night, the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club organized a varnish party to spruce up one of the historic stern-steerer ice boats. A group of men gathered in Straatsburg, NY at

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Preservation efforts

The lighthouse received a paint job last week.  Rudy LaBounty and crew showed up with their tall extension ladders to paint all the high, hard-to-reach places. Peaks and valleys and gutters on the house roof. Vent cap and roof of the lantern room. Cornices. They even replaced

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Tiger lilies

Brilliant orange tiger lilies are blooming along the trail. A cluster of them near the start of the trail appear as a splash of orange against a background of green. Note: Please don’t pick the flowers.

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Question for the Keeper

What are those fish that are jumping and why do they jump? Sitting outside on a summer evening, the nearly full moon clearly reflected in becalmed waters. A stillness prevailed, punctuated by the occasional SPLASH of large fish jumping, like an exclamation point to the end of

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Pick-your-own mulberries

The mulberry tree on the outer island is heavy with ripe purple berries.  The red-winged blackbirds seem to like them. I’ve seen people (adults and children alike) in the tree branches enjoying a sweet juicy snack.  The berries that aren’t collected by birds and humans fall to

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Wild and domestic

This afternoon, I did two things that I’ve never done before. First, I made pasta noodles from scratch. Invited to a potluck dinner at the Germantown Community Farm, I didn’t want to embarrass myself by showing up with store-bought food when there was bound to be a

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The usual suspect

A squirrel ate all my parsley! Last month, with the help of friends and family, I planted various culinary herbs in pots and planters around the lighthouse. Basil, oregano, thyme, sage, mint, to name a few. Of all of these, the squirrel chose parsley. And the lettuce.

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