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Clearwater shake-down

The sloop Clearwater set sail on the river today to train the new crew. When they motored down the creek, I was busy hauling laundry and supplies from the parking lot to the barge Yuck Finn at Boone’s dock, so I missed them on their way out.

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Portable Toilet

This morning, I had an appointment to get the portable toilet serviced. That means waiting for hide tide to slide the porta-potty from the dock onto the barge, motoring up the creek to the Coast Guard station, and meeting a pump truck to empty the toilet holding

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Winter Lingers

The first green plants are starting to poke up from the ground. Yet, the temperature continues to dip below freezing at night, and flurries frequent the weather forecast.

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Trail conditions: normal

The trail is mostly dry.

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Trail conditions: sloppy

Recent rains and high tides made a mess of the trail.  Puddles in a few places. Driftwood and plant debris deposited by the tide.

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Hickory, dickory, dock

Today was time to bring the dock and barge back from the “mythical” south cove.  The floating dock and Yuck Finn barge spend the winter in the cove protected from the river ice.  Retrieving the dock and barge requires coordinating with the tides, timing the operation with

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Pied-billed Grebe

On a calm and overcast morning, the only stirrings on otherwise unruffled waters of the creek was a solitary Pied-billed Grebe, diving along the bulkhead.

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Question for the keeper: the light at night

Does the light in the tower bother you at night? If I suffer sleep-deprivation and insomnia, it’s not because of the flashing beacon in the lighthouse tower.  I barely notice that it’s on. To be sure, the light is bright and visible for at least four nautical

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My neighbors

One of my neighbors made an appearance this morning after hiding away at home for the winter. My neighbor is a beaver and lives in a lodge catty-corner across the creek. Also, a male-female pair of mallard ducks are hanging out around the lighthouse again this spring.

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Trail conditions: dry

Strong north winds overnight dried out the trail. One patch of snow remains on the trail near the lighthouse.

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