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This morning, two cormorants made simultaneous appearances after a winter’s absence. A Double-crested cormorant swam and dived in the river channel. The other cormorant perched atop channel marker #93 at the mouth of the creek. Yellow chin and white feathers on the back of its head. Eventually,

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Trail conditions: muddy

Melting snow, rain, and tide-water mixed with thawing ground equals mud, mud, mud. Wear your boots!

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Hooded mergansers

This morning, when I looked out the parlor window, several flashes of white on the creek caught my eye. I set up the spotting-scope to take a closer look. Hooded mergansers–eleven of them: five males and six females. Distinguished by their conspicuous white head crest, the males

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First paddle of the season

Yesterday, I had an errand to run to the sloop Clearwater. By dusk, the tide turned and pushed the remaining ice out of the creek. A strong southerly wind eventually calmed, so I decided to put the canoe in the water and paddle up the creek to

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Question for the keeper: smells

This question comes from a fiction-writer in Chicago: what does the lighthouse smell like? Let me begin by saying that I’m relieved that she didn’t ask what the lighthouse KEEPER smells like. Not nearly so pleasant a subject matter. I think a poet once said that to

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Trail conditions: soupy

Daytime temperatures in the 40s turned the snow into a slushy sloppy soup. Waterproof boots recommended.

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Trail conditions: crusty snow

Last week’s snowfall is slowly melting on sunny days and refreezing on chilly nights. The snow along the trail is packed down by foot traffic.

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Typical indecisive March weather: several days of convincing spring thaw interrupted by a winter relapse. A snowstorm moving up the coast promises to drop a foot of snow overnight. As if that wasn’t enough, a bit of flooding forecast for tonight after midnight: runoff and snowmelt meeting

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Migratory waterfowl

With temperatures in the 50s this week, ice is leaving the Esopus Creek. Today, the open water attracted some visitors: a mixed flock of waterfowl numbering in the hundreds. Mostly Canvasbacks and Ring-neck Ducks. Over fifty Green-winged Teals. Two male Buffleheads and one female. Two pairs of

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Trail conditions: slushy

As daytime temperatures reach the high 50s/low 60s this week, snow is melting along the trail, creating puddles and muddy spots. Boots recommended.

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