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Water temperature

Water temperature reading: 78 degrees F. In recent days, the water temperature climbed above 75 degrees for the first time this summer.

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Question for the Keeper: meteor shower radiant

Last week’s Perseid meteor shower prompted the following question: Why do meteor showers appear to radiate from single point in the sky? Meteor shower particles are actually all traveling in parallel paths and at the same velocity, but they appear to an observer below to radiate away

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Star-gazing and lighthouse pollution

A lesson from lighthouses on light pollution: A hometown friend of mine asked me (jokingly) if I ever turn the beacon off for star-gazing. Well, of course not, for obvious reasons, especially obvious to commercial cargo vessels trying to navigate the narrow river channel at night. Even

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Saugerties Lighthouse Vacation

A family who were recent guests at the lighthouse posted two videos on about their stay at the lighthouse. The videos provide an interesting overview of what it’s like to visit the lighthouse. Everyone has a different experience, and these videos show one example. For anyone

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August was called the “Sturgeon Moon” by fishing tribes because the sturgeon was easier to catch in late summer. I call this month “Katydid Moon” because the katydids start up their nighttime chorus. This year I first noticed their sing-song stridulation the night after the August full

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Question for the Keeper: ripples

Question: Why are some patches of the river’s surface smooth and other rippled during a drizzle? This question arises from observation of the texture of the water’s surface. In a drizzle, rain droplets ripple the surface of the water. Although the rain is falling uniformly, smooth patches

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Outdoor artwork on display at lighthouse

Artwork was installed this week outside the lighthouse as part of the “Explore Saugerties Artists Treasure Hunt.” The art on display at the lighthouse is one of twenty-four artworks installed throughout Saugerties Township for people to find by following clues. The Treasure Hunt is presented by the

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Helipad proposed for property across the river from the lighthouse

A story in this morning’s Daily Freeman concerns a new neighbor directly across the river from the lighthouse: Rolling Stone publisher’s helipad plan unpopular in Red Hook RED HOOK — The town’s Conservation Advisory Council has asked the Town Board to deny a request by Jann Wenner,

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Testimonial: "Bountiful breakfast"

The lighthouse was profiled in the article A Home Away From Home in a regional magazine The Chrongram.

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Question for the Keeper: Oldest Lighthouse in the U.S.

The Saugerties Lighthouse is 140 years old this year, built after the Civil War. As old as it is, it’s a young light compared to Colonial era lighthouses. What is the oldest lighthouse in the U.S.? Two lighthouses vie for this title. The first lighthouse built in

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