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Shanties and strawberries

Last night, the crew of the sloop Clearwater came over to the lighthouse for dessert. We ate homemade strawberry shortcake. Then, we sang sea shanties. The crew is getting ready for another season of sailing on the Hudson River. Tired of singing the same two or three sea songs all the time, they wanted to expand their repertoire. The favorite shanty of the evening was “Whup Jamboree” (see lyrics below). To round out the evening, we watched the best sailing movie of all time Around Cape Horn by Captain Irving Johnson. By the time the crew readied to depart, the tide had risen across the trail. Undeterred, they waded through ankle-deep tidewater as they left the lighthouse.

[Em] Whup Jam [G] boree, whup jambo [D] ree
[Em] Oh a long-tailed sailor man comin’ up [D] behind
[Em] Whup Jam [G] boree, whup jambo [D] ree
[Em] Come an’ get your [D] oats me [Em] son

The pilot he looked out ahead

The hands on the cane and the heavin’ of the lead

And the old man roared to wake the dead

Come and get your oats me son


Oh, now we see the lizzard light

Soon, me boys, we’ll heave in sight

We’ll soon be abreast of the Isle of Wight

Come and get your oats me son


Now when we get to the black wall dock

Those pretty young girls come out in flocks

With short-legged drawers and long-tailed frocks

Come and get your oats me son


Well, then we’ll walk down limelight way

And all the girls will spend our pay

We’ll not see more ’til another day

Come and get your oats me son


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