Month: May 2007

  • Clearwater vacation

    I will be away from the lighthouse this week to volunteer on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.  I’ll join the crew of the Clearwater in Poughkeepsie and help with the onboard-education program, teaching grade-school students about the river.  In my absence, Dick and Karlyn will be taking care of the lighthouse.

  • Work days

    Storm windows out and screens in.  The temperature reached the high 70s/low 80s today, so it was time open up the lighthouse and let in the the river breezes. The sunny weather was perfect for getting work done outside. Now, the boat shed looks happy after getting a fresh coat of paint courtesy of Kaya…

  • Alosa

    Alosa is the genus name for shad, the anadromous fish which migrate up the Hudson River this time of year. Alosa is also the name of the 16′ sloop on loan to me from River Dick. Dick has another sailboat, and this one sat out of the water last year. Dick didn’t want the Alosa…

  • Trail conditions: better than ever!

    The nor’easter a couple of weeks ago brought high water and pounding waves. This combination severely damgaged the trail. Sections of  the boardwalks were separated and scattered through the woods. Trees fell across the trail. Driftwood and debris clogged the footpath. Now, the trail clean up from the flood is nearly done. Thanks to Dick…

  • Marsh marigolds

    Marsh marigolds are blooming!  The green plants recently emerged from the mud, and the bright yellow blossoms stand out.