Month: August 2007

  • Butternut

    On several occasions, I’ve noticed a squirrel carrying a nut in his mouth. Apparently, the squirrel is gathering nuts from the butternut tree on the outer island, making repeated trips between the deck and the dock.

  • Fresh vegetables

    This is a great time of year to be a resident of the Hudson Valley. These days, you can’t bump into a neighbor without walking away with an armload of vegetables. This morning, I made a trip up the creek with the barge to pick up some lumber. Al Lawless is kind enough to let…

  • More about the White Pelican

    Tom Lake of the Hudson River Almanac informed me that White Pelican sightings on the Hudson River are rare but not unheard of.  According to Tom, White Pelicans are seen about about once every 5 years. The last recorded sighting in the Hudson River Almanac white pelican was May 3, 2004  at Kingston: “We spotted…