Business Supporters

The following businesses have provided support to the Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy through in-kind donations or financial contributions. Their generosity is indispensable to our preservation efforts and we encourage you to support them in return. Please let them know we sent you!

Lucky Chocolates, 113A Partition Street, Saugerties, NY

Inquiring Minds Bookstore, 65 Partition Street, Saugerties, NY

OUR Bookshop, 97 Partition Street, Saugerties, NY

Miss Lucy’s Kitchen, 90 Partition Street, Saugerties, NY

The Dutch Ale House, 255 Main Street, Saugerties, NY

Hudson Valley Dessert Co, 264 Main Street, Saugerties, NY

Main Street Restaurant, 244 Main Street, Saugerties, NY

Saugerties Marina, 24 Ferry Street, Saugerties, NY

Slices of Saugerties, 71 Partition Street, Saugerties, NY

Story’s Farm, 4640 Route 32, Catskill, NY 12414

Sue’s Restaurant, 3101 Route 9W, Saugerties, NY


The following individuals have contributed at the Patron Membership level or higher. We want to recognize their generosity towards our mission of historic preservation.

Patron Members:

Anna Blume, Merle Cosgrove, Toby Schuyler, Anthony Baiocco, Edward & Deborah Conathan, Lisa Arasim, Carolyn Carr McGuire, Christina Williamson Foutz, Tabitha Fronk, Madeleine Boucher, Stephen Ackerman & Katherine Winningham, Van & Sandra Santvoord, James Kelsey, Marlena Marallo & Patrick Wadden, Gail Porter, Kerri-Ann McTiernan, Andrew Zaretsky, Judith Spektor, Jesse & Billie Gallo, Chris Drury, Jamie Vinikoor, Margaret & Larry Slomin, Lisa Brescia, Suzanne C Murdock, Tina Olsen, Frank Murphy, Esther Leibel, Laurie Leitch, Peter Solow & Susan Weeks, Isabel Soffer, Sacha Freemon, Jacqueline R Vilmany, James and Joan Landewe, Edith Bolt & Joe Hudson, Ray and Maria Downing, Rachel King, Zhilun Pang, Kathleen Nye, Jennifer Horner &Joachim Ansorge, Katherine Mechner, Patrick Kauffman, Christopher Evers, Lisa Mayone, Hannah Lucal, Sarah Suarez, Joy Hurd, Lydia Leon, John Lanc, Jean & Jim Flaherty, Robert Van Brunt, Brian Donahue of Inquiring Minds Bookstore, Linda Schaefer in honor of Tom Hart

Attendant Members “keeper the light”:

Steve Rogovic & Amy Cocina, Joel Schuman & Lynne Gilson, Howard Rothstein, Suzanne Clary, Mary McNamara

Benefactor Members:

Ellis Coleman & Wilhemina Austin, Selma Kaplan & Stewart A Schuenemann, Richard More, Rae Stang

Landmark Members:

Ellis Coleman & Wilhemina Austin

In Memoriam

Donations were made in the memory of the following people:

Jack Washburn

Lloyd Loop

Melanie Lanc

Ilah Kauffman

Suzanne Frederick

George and Carol Ohley

Joseph Walsh

Betty Decker