August 18, 2008 in Events, More Logbook

Multi-sensory movie experience

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Tonight, we viewed a double feature on the outdoor movie screen at the lighthouse. The first was a short documentary “Around Cape Horn” with original black&white film footage from 1929 by Captain Irving Johnson of the passage of the tall-masted sailing ship Peking during a wild storm rounding the southern tip of South America. The second was “Master and Commander,” historical fiction of maritime Napoleanic Wars. Meanwhile, to the right of the movie screen, a lightning storm was visible in the distance–a light show in and of itself. Those thunderstorms passed north of us. Late into the second feature, the wind picked up and a light rain ensued. By this time, we were so enthralled with the movie, we could not be deterred by the rain. We quickly covered the electronic equipment with trash bags and moved under the shelter of the mulberry tree. The splash of raindrops made it feel like we were in the movie, as if catching the ocean spray on our faces. We saw it through to the end, a little damp from our nautical journey but nonetheless thoroughly entertained for the evening.

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