[custom_frame_left]Historic Keepers

The following people served as Keepers at the Saugerties Light Station prior to it being decommissioned in the mid-20th century:
Abraham Persons, 1835
George Keys, 1838
Joseph H. Burhans, 1842
Abraham E. Schoonmaker, 1845
Dorcas Schoonmaker, 1846
Joseph H. Burhans, 1849
Christopher Reed, 1853
James Tanner, 1857
Dennis Crowley, 1862*
Daniel Crowley, 1865
Katie A. Crowley, 1873
James Crowley, 1885
Theodore DeShong, 1895
William F. Anchele, 1908
Julius B. Young, 1909
Conrad Hawk, 1914
Cyrus L. Gray, 1940
H.H. Carlson, 1942
Harold D. Fischer, 1943
Thomas Walker, 1944
Edward Pastorini, 1950
Station Closed, 1954

*listed on federal register


Contemporary Keepers

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The following people have served as resident Keepers since the Lighthouse was rededicated in August 1990:
Steven Thomas, 1990
Alex Wade, 1995
Paul Stewart, 1997
Mark Magill, 1997
Dick Duncan, 1998
Charles Cornwell, Jr., 2000
Tom Bauer, 2002
Allen Emersonn, 2002
Patrick Landewe, 2005
Anna and Patrick Landewe, 2011

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*Providing relief for the resident Keepers, several substitute Keepers have worked a spell at the Lighthouse including Courtney Grimes-Sutton, Sasha Pearl, Mandy Lamb, and Stewart Schuenemann.


Current Keepers

Patrick and Anna Landewe
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The duties of a Lighthouse Keeper have changed since widespread automation of aids to navigation. Nowadays, the emphasis is more on maintaining the historic structure than keeping the light. Since the Saugerties Lighthouse also operates as a Bed & Breakfast, the Lighthouse Keepers also serve as inn keepers, taking care of the house and its guests.

The on-duty Keeper is usually available by phone from 9 AM to 5 PM, Thursday to Monday. He or she is often doing chores outside, so please leave a message if no one answers.

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