Alosa is the genus name for shad, the anadromous fish which migrate up the Hudson River this time of year. Alosa is also the name of the 16′ sloop on loan to me from River Dick. Dick has another sailboat, and this one sat out of the water last year. Dick didn’t want the Alosa to be negected again this year, so he asked me if I’d like to make use of the sloop. He didn’t have to ask me twice. Earlier this afternoon, I took her out for a spin. Propelled a stiff breeze of 8-plus knots out of the north-northwest, I sailed down to Glasco and back. The bow splashed through the rolling waves, spraying cold water back into the cockpit. The occasional strong gust of wind kept me on my toes to keep from keeling over. Exciting sailing conditions. Someone else thought so too, as I passed by another sailboat in the channel near Tivoli.