June 2, 2008 in Keepers Log, More Logbook

Bear sightings

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One of the house guests said he saw a bear on the trail when he looked out the bedroom window this morning. He thought it might be a big dog at first until it stood up on its hind legs. I thought the same thing until I identified bear tracks in the wet sand on the trail in front of the lighthouse near the dock. Later, someone knocked at the door to report seeing the bear near the start of the trail. It was the wildlife photographer who visits regularly to photograph birds. He was so excited when he saw the bear that he forgot to take a picture. I received an email message from Lauren and Tim, residents of Malden, the hamlet north of the lighthouse. While visiting the lighthouse yesterday, they spotted a bear on the shoreline across the creek between the jetty and the long dock. They reported seeing the same or similiar bear this morning walking through their back yard in Malden.

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