April 11, 2007 in Keepers Log, More Logbook

Clearwater shake-down

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The sloop Clearwater set sail on the river today to train the new crew. When they motored down the creek, I was busy hauling laundry and supplies from the parking lot to the barge Yuck Finn at Boone’s dock, so I missed them on their way out. Nevertheless, I watched from a distance as they passed the lighthouse. It seemed to me that they were approaching awfully close to the dock, when they hailed the lighthouse with a blast of their horn. “River Dick” hailed back. Even though, I was half-mile away voices carry well-enough over the water that I could hear Captain Julia of the Clearwater ask Dick, “Where’s Patrick?” and Dick reply, “He’s taking some time off.” That’s right–I was finishing up one last chore on my way to start a few days off. But now I wished I had been at the lighthouse when the Clearwater came by. It’s not often that a 106-foot sailboat arrives at the front door step.

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