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Correspondence from the past

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Letter of Acceptance

Last week, Terry Shaw of Prineville, Oregon contacted me to say that he found an “interesting item” for the Saugerties Lighthouse. He found an old letter in a box of items inherited from his father. It is the letter of acceptance as Keeper of the Saugerties Light House from George Keyes, dated August 17, 1838. According to our records, George Keyes was appointed on August 11, 1838. Mr. Shaw agreed to donate the letter to our collection. Karlyn Elia, the local historian was thrilled to read it and said that it was very thoughful of Mr. Shaw to donate this very important piece of Hudson River history. As far as I can tell, the letter reads as follows:

Saugerties Lighthouse
August 17, 1838

Dear Sir,
Received yours of 13th…today with pleasure and will endeavor to comply with the instructions therein contained and report to you accordingly. And return you my sincere acknowledgment for the favor conferred on me.
I remain your very …
George Keyes

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