June 10, 2007 in Keepers Log, More Logbook

Dead turtle

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This afternoon, one of the volunteer docents spotted something floating in the creek. “Is that a dead fish?” she wondered aloud, pointing to a carcass near the dock. It turned out to be a dead snapping turtle. Curious about what happened to it, I jumped in rowboat and rowed out to it. I was just going to take a closer look, but some kids looking down from the tower took notice. “I want to see the turtle!” they yelled. So, I grabbed the dead turtle by the tail and hauled it into the rowboat. Not nearly as big as the live snapping turtle spotted yesterday. It had been dead for awhile since it already started to stink. The carapace was damaged along the length of one side as if it had been chopped. Probably hit by a boat propeller. After the kids got a look at the carcass at the dock, I threw it back in the water to become food for another critter.

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