Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley visits the lighthouse

Today, a most unusual visitor arrived at the lighthouse, and he arrived by mail. In my mailbox was a large brown envelope. I opened it and found Stanley Lambchop inside. The envelope also contained a letter of introduction. The letter was from the second grade class at an elementary school in Schenectady, New York. The class read the story of Flat Stanley about a young boy who gets flattened. At first, Stanley is not too keen on being flat. Eventually, as the story continues, Stanley learns to appreciate the advantages of being flat, such as traveling cheaply by mail instead of more expensive modes of transportation. Inspired by the story, the second grade class made their own Flat Stanley reproductions, which they sent out to places they wanted to learn about around the State of New York. The lighthouse was one of those places. So, I obliged and gave Flat Stanley a “tour” of the lighthouse. Afterwards, I put him back in the envelope along with a brochure, postcard, and photographs of the lighthouse to show the class where he visited. Three postage stamps, and Flat Stanley was on his way. I must admit, I envy his ability to travel for so cheap.