September 1, 2007 in Keepers Log, More Logbook

mid-Hudson River regatta

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Today was a beautiful day for sailing, as evidenced by the half-dozen or more sailboats that whisked past the lighthouse, riding northerly breezes all afternoon.  The volunteer docents arrived by sailboat to lead tours at the lighthouse. Dick skimmed past the dock in the Alary to drop off a package I’d been expecting. How fortunate that I was able to be whisked away by one of these white-winged vessels.  I climbed aboard Captain Jerome’s Leda. Meanwhile, Dock&Kate’s Tri-Again trimaran sailed into view.  Brian & Lindsey raised the main-sail, and I raised the jib. Once underway, we encountered ol’ Blue sailing the other direction. We sailed north until the tide turned and the breeze gave out. For the rest of the evening, while the sun set over the mountains, we drifted back to the lighthouse on the ebbing tide.

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