August 8, 2008 in More Logbook

Bon voyage

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Yesterday, I gave a tour of the lighthouse to a group of kids from a summer day-camp. Of course, everyone was eager to climb to top of the tower. I stood at the top while each camper scaled the ladder, one at a time. While keeping an eye out for the safety of the kids, I noticed Dick’s sailboat Alary approach the dock. While passing slowly, Dick dropped off a large box onto the dock. Probably the supplies I ordered. Dick is a previous lighthouse keeper and lives in the village. Since I don’t have a proper address, he collects packages for me. Usually, I go to his house to pick them. On this occasion, he was coming by the lighthouse anyway. He was embarking on his voyage up the Hudson River and through the canal to Lake Champlain. Dick motored away and headed upriver. I rang the fog bell as if to say, “Bon voyage.”

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