October 30, 2008 in More Logbook

Haunted Hudson River

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I heard a faint whistling outside. I look out the window through the blinds but didn’t see anything. Just the wind, I thought. The faint whistle continued intermittently. Then, I heard it loud and clear. A distinct whistle. Definitely not the wind. I put on my jacket and went outside. As I rounded the corner of the lighthouse, I met with a surprise–a dozen glowing jack-o-lanterns on the water! I was greeted by ghostly howls and cackles. “Did we scare you?” someone asked. I had to admit that I was caught off guard. I’ve never had trick-or-treaters visit the lighthouse before. A group of kayakers in costume was even more unexpected. I apologized for not having any candy on hand. They asked for beer instead, but I didn’t have enough to go around. I’ll know better for next year.

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