September 21, 2007 in More Logbook

Improptu mini triathlon

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I woke up before dawn and remembered that I was out of orange juice. I totally forgot to buy more when I was at the store yesterday afternoon. I looked at the clock. I didn’t have much time until I needed to start cooking breakfast. I put on my shorts and running shoes, grabbed some cash off my dresser and set out jogging along the lighthouse trail. Enveloped in fog, the woods were quiet except for the chirping of crickets. Once at the parking lot, I pulled my bicycle out of the storage shed and pedaled up the hill into the village. Other than a delivery truck and a few cars on the move, the village was still asleep. The only place open at this early hour on Main Street was the gas station convenience store. I grabbed a half-gallon of orange juice from cooler and put my cash down on the counter. Out the door and back on my bike, I coasted down the long steep hill towards the river, plunging into the brisk air and thick fog. By the time I returned to the lighthouse, I was sweaty from exertion. Time for a swim. Peeling off my t-shirt and running shoes, I waded into the cool cool river and dove beneath the surface. I re-emerged refreshed and ready to start my day.

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