December 13, 2007 in More Logbook, Questions for the Keeper

More steps

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In answer to a question, I recently posted that the lighthouse has a total of “thirty-nine steps” (which is also an Alfred Hitchcock movie). However, an observant reader pointed out that I failed to count the stone steps along the side of the limestone plinth leading from the water. These steps were used by keepers in bygone days to access the lighthouse from a rowboat. There are thirteen steps. Depending on the tide, a number of steps are submerged. Actually, I gauge the tide height according to the number of steps that are visible. For instance, right now, approaching low tide, all thirteen are exposed. During extreme flooding, I’ve seen all the steps submerged with waves lapping over the top. So, to amend my previous answer, the lighthouse has a grand total of fifty-two steps.

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