July 5, 2008 in More Logbook

Party barge

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The workhorse of the lighthouse, the maintenance barge dubbed the Yuck Finn, is normally used for hauling fuel and other supplies to/from the mainland. On the 4th of July, instead of the usual workload, the Yuck Finn buoyed a contingent of Independence Day revelers. At sunset, I motored the barge across the river channel and dropped anchor. I kayaked back to the lighthouse and started the motor on ‘Lue, the sailboat. Friends arrived and piled aboard the sailboat with food and drink. We motored across to where the Yuck Finn, our platform of fun, awaited us. About the same time, Dock and Kate appeared in their kayaks. We dined and drank in an atmosphere of anticipation for the annual Saugerties firework display. Megan, one of the revelers, commented: “I don’t care about the fireworks anymore. The sunset was the fireworks as far as I’m concerned.” The sunset was truly spectacular. Darkness settled over the river. Eventually, Tyrone and his two dogs pulled up in his powerboat and tied alongside, soon followed by Captain Jerome with a boatload on people onboard Leda, his sailboat. The Yuck Finn was now a floating dock for 2 sailboats, 2 kayaks, and a powerboat. With the Catskill Mountains in the background and the Hudson River in the foreground, the fireworks lit up the night, reflected in the tranquil surface of the river. Such a night would not be complete without swim. I had to go first to make sure there were no man-eater sea monsters lurking in the dark and deep waters of the Hudson. I didn’t get eaten, so others followed my lead. After the fireworks ended and the party started to wane, I shuttled folks back to the shore on ‘Lue before returning for the Yuck Finn. Dock stuck around to help and make sure I made it back safely.

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