Question for the Keeper: Coffee Grinder

Question about coffee from North Carolina via email:

I just got back from a trip to Seattle/Portland, and have decided I need a new manual [coffee] grinder. I remember you had a very nice one when I was in Saugerties this past summer. Any chance you could direct me to a good place to order one?

I’ve been grinding my own coffee by hand since working in the Mojave Desert five years ago. Recognizing my caffeine addiction, my friend Massey bought a coffee mill at a flea market so I could have freshly ground coffee while camping in the desert. That old mill didn’t survive the harsh desert environment. The arid climate dried out and warped the wood until it fell apart. Gray duct-tape held it together for a few more weeks. Fortunately, I’ve been living on or near the water ever since, so I haven’t had to contend with that problem. At the lighthouse, I continue to grind my coffee each morning by hand. The old-fashioned manual grinder is more in keeping with antique furnishings of the lighthouse. Besides, the harsh whir of an electric motorized coffee grinder is too abrupt and dissonant for early mornings in the quiet before sunrise. The grinder I use has the advantage that I can adjust the size of the grind depending on weather I’m using the percolator or the stove-top espresso-maker. I’m not one to give product endorsements, but here’s the one I rely on at the lighthouse: Zassenhaus 151 Conical Burr Coffee Mill Manual Hand Grinder.