December 3, 2007 in More Logbook, Questions for the Keeper

Question for the keeper: how many stairs?

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How many stairs to the top of the tower? No doubt this counts as a Frequently Asked Question. It’s uncanny that the question has been asked by fiction-writers on two separate occasions. Each author has the Saugerties Lighthouse in mind for a setting and contacted me for vital details.

So for the benefit of aspiring writers and lighthouse buffs, here’s the data: The tower is accessed from the second floor of the house. There are fourteen steps in the staircase from the first floor to the second floor of the house. In the tower, a staircase of twelve steps leads to a landing. From the landing, a ladder with ten steps leads through a hatch into the lantern room at the top of the tower. If you count the two steps at the front door and the one in the entryway, that makes a total of thirty-nine stair steps in the lighthouse.

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