September 28, 2007 in More Logbook

Racing the tide

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The tide cycles in such a way that the lowest low tides for the month are associated with the highest high tides. With that in mind, I took advantage of the low tides at the full moon in order to make repairs near the waterline around the stone plinth of the lighthouse. I needed to fill some gaps between the stones with hydraulic cement. In shorts and sandals, I waded into the shallow water along the south face of the plinth while the water level was only at my mid-calf. The window of opportunity was narrow. To go from lowest low to highest high, the tide was rising fast. I had to work quickly, troweling quick-setting cement into the spaces between stonework. Soon, the water level reached mid-thigh and waves from passing boats soaked me to the waist. Then, I dropped my trowel in the water. It sunk to the bottom out of reach. I spread the remaining cement with a garden spade and my bare hands before calling it a day. That was yesterday. I had to wait until low tide this morning to retrieve the trowel.

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