April 9, 2009 in Keepers Log

Osprey nest

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The resident osprey pair is back, and this time they are building a nest not on the channel marker across from the lighthouse where they often perch but in a treetop a few hundred yards up the Esopus Creek. This looks like the real deal, not the false starts we’ve seen in past years. I watched this morning as one of the osprey made repeated trips with materials to add to the nest. To see it, go to the long bridge near the start of the lighthouse trail, walk up the ramp, stop between the third and fourth set of poles, and look south-by-southeast across the creek.

Tom Lake at the NY Department of Environmental Conservation welcomed the news. He said, “As far as we know, there have been no successful osprey nests along the tidewater Hudson. We have seen quite a few false starts and failures through the years.”

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