January 28, 2008 in Keepers Log, More Logbook, Questions for the Keeper

Où est le chat?

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On Thursday afternoon, when I stepped outside to get an armload of firewood, I encountered a cat walking around the lighthouse. A gray and tan striped tabby. I crouched down to pet it, and it leaped into my arms, clammered onto my shoulder, and nuzzled its nose into my beard. This affectionate cat instantly endeared itself to me. Where it came from remains a mystery. The B&B guests said the cat followed them from the parking lot earlier in the afternoon. Later, I walked the trail on my way to town for groceries, and the cat followed. I slowed my usually brisk walking pace so the cat could keep up. It meowed whenever we reached patches of ice. It’s paws were probably getting cold, so I carried the cat across the ice and set it back down on clear ground. Eventually, we reached the parking lot. I went to check my mailbox, and the cat accompanied me to the roadside and suddenly dashed off in the direction of the neighbors house. Must be the neighbor’s cat, I thought. Even so, while in town buying groceries, I bought cans of tuna fish just in case the cat was still around when I got back. It wasn’t, so I asked the B&B guests if they had seen it since I left for town. The said that a couple of ladies who walked out in late afternoon took it with them to get it some vet care. The tabby was around for only a few hours but made quite an impression. I’ve talked to several people who met the cat that same afternoon and remarked on its friendly nature. They are also curious as to what happened to it. Does anyone know the rest of the story?

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