April 11, 2007 in Keepers Log

Portable Toilet

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This morning, I had an appointment to get the portable toilet serviced. That means waiting for hide tide to slide the porta-potty from the dock onto the barge, motoring up the creek to the Coast Guard station, and meeting a pump truck to empty the toilet holding tank.  Since the pump truck drives from Catskill, the appointment is a rough approximation of when the truck will actually arrive. So, I often have to sit on the barge and wait.  This morning, I had some company. Dock paddled his canoe upriver from Glasco.  His canoe has a mechanical contraption that allows him to propel the canoe paddles by pedaling, like a cross between a bicycle and a rowing-machine.  He came up river to retrieve his anchor which he had loaned for stowing the barge over the winter.  Good thing neither of us were in a hurry. Sitting in the warm sun, we passed the time talking about solar-powered electric boats.  We also had entertainment as the Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team prepared to swap out buoys in the river. We watched them load heavy steel buoys one-by-one onto the buoy-tender boat. Samantha attached the cargo hooks to the buoy and Travis deftly operated the crane, lifting the buoy onto the boat and carefully positioning it to balance the load.  Eventually, the pump truck showed up and emptied the toilet in less than a minute.

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