September 1, 2011 in Keepers Log

Putting Irene into perspective

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Hurricane Irene
This photo shows the height of the flooding on Sunday afternoon due to tidal surge and storm-water runoff. The water was a foot over the stone base of the lighthouse and covered the front step. Waves lapped against the front door. The basement flooded to within 7 inches of the floor joists. High winds toppled large trees across the trail. Extreme flooding coated the trail and deck with mud and debris. Boardwalks and dock were knocked out of position or up-ended.

Five days later, we are still without electricity, phone and internet. Barricades block our end of Lighthouse Drive where utility wires are dangling across the road. These online updates are taking place courtesy of wifi at the public library (now that we can actually get to town). The clean up continues, but the trail remains closed. The lighthouse will be closed this weekend due to the prolonged power outage, road closure and trail difficulties. We were optimistic after the hurricane that power would quickly be restored and the road reopened, but the damage was worse than we originally assessed. Sorry, no tours this weekend.

Thank you for everyone’s patience while we refund or reschedule B&B reservations.

A special thank you to those who volunteered to help the Lighthouse Keepers with the mucky job of trail clean up: Dick Duncan, Kit Evers, Adam Page Taylor, Robin Goss and Marlena Marallo.

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