June 6, 2009 in Keepers Log, More Logbook

River neighbors

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I walked down to the Tivoli landing carrying a portable drill. As I strapped it on the back of my kayak, a man standing nearby gave me a quizzical look and asked what I was doing. Short answer: “My neighbor in Glasco needs to borrow a drill, so I’m on my way to meet him to hand it off.”

Long answer: Actually, this isn’t my drill. I borrowed it from Tim, my “cross-river” neighbor in Tivoli, to loan it to Dock, my “downriver” neighbor in Glasco. But it’s not Tim’s drill either. He’s storing it for a friend who’s now in New Orleans. I was drinking Mojitos with Tim this afternoon when Dock called to borrow my drill to work on his sailboat. It was easier to borrow a drill from Tim rather than paddling back to the lighthouse for mine.

The Hudson River is not your typical suburban thoroughfare, but this is my neighborhood nonetheless. And I couldn’t ask for better neighbors.

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