Sudden storm burst

The weather forecast called for scattered thundershowers, but no one seemed prepared for the storm that ensued this afternoon. Gale force winds. Lightning. Heavy downpour of rain. Hail. A few kayak paddlers and a hiker took refuge in the lighthouse and waited out the storm in the parlor. I hurried around the lighthouse closing windows to keep out the rain. Nevertheless, the fierce wind forced rain through the gaps in the window frames. Before I got to the upstairs west bedroom, the wall opposite the windows was wet with rain blown through the screens. By time I grabbed towels to mop up the water from windowsills, the storm was over. Brief as it was, the storm was powerful enough to topple trees and knock out the electricity. I noticed large branches floating in the creek. After the storm cleared, I hiked the trail with the chainsaw and cleared a couple of downed trees which completely blocked the path. Even before I started cutting into the tangle of obstructing branches, a family walked up wanting to get to the lighthouse. “Did you have a storm here?” they wondered.