May 31, 2013 in Keepers Log, News

Sunken barge update: a big bite

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Crane barges Columbia and Newark Bay
On the left, crane barge Columbia on left with stern section of sunken barge; on the right, crane barge Newark Bay grabbing smaller pieces with clamshell.

After days of a metallic banging and clanging, the demolition crane was relatively silent yesterday. The crane barge Newark Bay took a time out from barge busting to do some scrap hauling. It was joined by another larger crane barge the Columbia, which lifted the stern portion of the sunken barge that had been busted off by the demolition crane. Glasco correspondent Dock S send photos with this report:

“Have you ever bit off more than you could chew? It would appear the Newark Bay crane barge did. It was joined by the Columbia crane barge for some heavy lifting. You can see the stern rising from the deep, then deposited on the Columbia. For the tuggy fans, the Columbia was delivered by the Cheyenne, who then went off to other things. The Sarah Ann is standing by.”

After dusk and shrouded in a thick fog bank, the tug Cheyenne pulled the barge Columbia upriver. The Newark Bay resumed clanging and banging today, busting apart the remaining portion of the sunken barge into smaller chunks.

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