June 24, 2007 in Keepers Log, More Logbook

Wild and domestic

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This afternoon, I did two things that I’ve never done before. First, I made pasta noodles from scratch. Invited to a potluck dinner at the Germantown Community Farm, I didn’t want to embarrass myself by showing up with store-bought food when there was bound to be a bountiful table of homegrown and homemade eats. So, I harvested some of the basil at the lighthouse and made some pesto. Then, to go with the pesto, I mixed together eggs and spelt flour to make noodles (farm-fresh eggs from Sauer Farm and locally-grown and milled flour from Wild Hive Bakery). While mixing up the pasta dough, I got a call from Travis, my friend at the Coast Guard Station. He wondered if I was up to the challenge of swimming across the Hudson River. I vaguely recall discussing with Travis about swimming across the river the last time we met for a beer at the pub. Turns out he was serious. He said on the phone that he worked up to swimming a mile in the pool and felt prepared for the river swim. I hadn’t exactly been preparing. “When?” I asked. “This afternoon?” he wondered. Okay. So, between cutting the noodles and boiling them, I went for a swim with Travis. Freestyle across the channel to the opposite shore and back again to the lighthouse: the second thing I did today that I’d never done before.

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