Work days

Storm windows out and screens in.  The temperature reached the high 70s/low 80s today, so it was time open up the lighthouse and let in the the river breezes. The sunny weather was perfect for getting work done outside. Now, the boat shed looks happy after getting a fresh coat of paint courtesy of Kaya and Courtney, both members of the Germantown Community Farm and a big help to me each week. The trick to painting the shed was reaching the half that extends out over the water. Using the barge as a platform, Kaya and Courtney honed their surfing skills while they stood atop step-ladders and bobbed up and down with the wakes of passing boats. Meanwhile, Bobby Dangerous and I busied ourselves with constructing the new section of deck to replace the bluestone patio washed out during the nor’easter.  The new portion will practically double the available deck space.  Visitors asked when we’d be finished so they could start planning their picnics.