Barge run aground on Magdalen Island

Report from Glasco river observation station, aka our downstream neighbors Dock & Kate:

Late last night, around 2AM, Dock & Kate awoke to lights and activity on the southern end of Magdalen Island, across the river from Glasco. At daylight, it was apparent that a barge was run aground on the rocks. The barge is mostly emptied of its contents with the bow upended at an angle on the rocks and the stern partially submerged. The hull has a big gash in it. From the looks of it, the barge was hauling some sort of fill such as dirt. A second tug is now on the scene to assist.

A look through the binoculars from the Lighthouse shows the barge at an awkward angle on the rocks. One or two additional barges are alongside the upended one, and the two tugs are maneuvering for the recovery effort. The AIS Receiver on the Lighthouse shows the tug Eastern Dawn, but there is no indication as to whether this was the original tug pushing the barge or the second one that responded to assist.

The navigation channel runs close alongside the western side of Magdalen Island at it approaches the narrow Tivoli Reach.