The Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy board of directors would like to thank our supportive community for the show of patience and understanding during this challenging time. We are so humbled by the thoughtful inquiries and cheerful desire to share this space together once again. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors as soon as it is safe to do so.

Based upon New York State guidance for historical sites, the lighthouse must remain closed to the public for the time being. The organization’s chief source of revenue, the bed and breakfast, has not been in operation since mid-March. Prior to the pandemic crisis, the trail was closed for maintenance and in anticipation of the long-awaited dock replacement project. Originally scheduled to be completed in the spring, this project has encountered unavoidable delays due to the pandemic. Now, we are just eagerly awaiting the construction phase to begin as supply chains for materials reopen and the contractor mobilizes crew and equipment. We acknowledge the hard work of our one staff member to secure the necessary permits, coordinate with the contractor during every phase of this project, and navigate each hurdle as it arises.

Please be assured this is a temporary closure caused by circumstances beyond our control. The reopening schedule will depend on the timely completion of this major construction project, as well as the decisions surrounding public health as they unfold.

Rest assured, a lot has been happening behind the scenes! To make to best use of the extended closure, we are continuing our mission of preservation without interruption. We’ve performed essential maintenance on the lighthouse. We’ve concentrated and redirected fundraising efforts. We’ve planted hundreds of native trees and shrubs to prevent trail erosion. We have cleaned trash and debris from the shoreline. We’ve improved boardwalks in flood-prone areas. So when it’s time to reopen, we hope visitors will find the space even more welcoming than ever!

It is our sincere aim to answer everyone’s thoughtful and supportive questions directly. For any additional information, please call, email, or sign up for our email list via our website. We will do our best to respond in the most timely manner possible. Regrettably, as a small not-for-profit organization with limited staff and resources, we are not able to monitor all social media channels. We appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Thank you once again to our wonderful community. We’re wishing you well and looking forward to welcoming everyone back soon!